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Meet Our Team

​The People of Seamount Transport Services

We are all in customer service. In this service industry the people providing the service need to be as committed and passionate about delivering value as you are about your business. Our award is longevity of customers and referrals of new opportunities. You grow our business, and we help you grow yours. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Working together to achieve mutual benefit at all levels. How refreshing!

We eat expedited for breakfast – every morning! Seamount is a Complete Logistics Resource (CLR).  As a gateway provider servicing international shipments, Seamount Transport Services operates its own drayage operations.  This allows total control of shipments and expedited services when needed to meet delivery demands.

Lenny Glenn - President

Seamount Transport Services operates a full blend of services from drayage, through warehousing to pick up and delivery. My responsibility is to deliver against brand promise. Our commitment is to outperform customer expectations on each and every shipment. You can count on Seamount Transport Services to go the extra mile!  It is our culture.

Jessica Lomax -Manager

Every shipment is critical to someone and we understand this. We work with our drivers to create a work environment where they can succeed each day. My role is to assist and facilitate daily organization and scheduling. We have a great team and take pride in accomplishing tasks when circumstances dictate differently.

Our team
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